Free Wi-Fi for Europeans

Have you heard of the WiFi4EU Program?

The WiFi4EU program which will be launched in early 2018 by the European Commission, aims to promote free Wi-Fi connectivity in public spaces across Europe, where Wi-Fi is not offered yet.

The scheme is intended to support financially public institutions who want to install cutting edge Wi-Fi networks, in order to make locals and visitors benefit from it.


Certain details are not yet known but the video explains the major points of the program.

Want to take advantage of the Wi-Fi4EU program?

HOTCITY, the expert in terms of Wi-Fi in Luxembourg helps you to participate in the WiFi4EU Program and accompanies you during the installation of your Wi-Fi network.

We are at your disposal for :

  • application process;
  • site survey : we will analyze together with you where it makes sense to install a public Wi-Fi network;
  • the installation of the indoor and outdoor antennas;
  • interconnection with our service platform;
  • maintenance of your network after the installation.


Our team is happy to answer any questions you may have

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